Dibble and Dabble Creativity Center 4 Carteret Ave. Carteret, NJ 07008



Dibble and Dabble only books private events.  You select the painting and/or activity.  We customize and cater to you and your guests.



Curriculum aligned, creative class trips are facilitated by fully certified and licensed NJ teachers. Creative class trips your students will enjoy.



Creative Expression Art Camp is a wonderful way for all students to unleash their inner creativity through a series of amazing artistic projects.

About Dibble and Dabble

Dibble and Dabble Creativity Center is a family friendly, community-based, arts studio.  Clients  step into an eclectic, inspirational, atmosphere where individuals of all ages, families and specialty groups come to relax, communicate and cultivate their inner creativity.  

Foundational to Dibble and Dabble is the belief that every person is innately creative. Dibble and Dabble supports the notion that creativity is not a matter of talent or artistic aptitude. Creativity is simply the ability to express oneself through immersion in a purposeful, imaginative, self selected, original activity that results in a product and/or experience of personal value.

Certified and fully trained staff provide clients with tools, supplies, materials, individualized instruction, and support to ensure everyone leaves with a sense of accomplishment; knowing they were able to complete a unique, individual, self-selected, project and/or work of art.  

Dibble and Dabble seeks to improve the quality of life and society, one creative project at a time.